• This is a space to deepen your understanding of astrology and astrological events, and how these impact us on a spiritual and emotional level

• You will receive a facilitated breathwork session with Natasha, with the guidance of the breath and the moon you will be lead back to the remembrance of who you are

• Welcome in the clearing that this full moon provides to liberate your being

INFORMAtion about cosmic BREATH 

Join us April 21st at 6pm PST as the Sun makes its way into the sign of Taurus. 

• A place to build sacred connections and nourish your soul with community

this is a 90 minute event*

- MARIAH anne

"To be witnessed by a loving and knowing guide in the process is indescribably valuable. I came out the other side with a grounded sense of clarity, lightness and the clear intention to make these sessions with Natasha a regular ritual for self care. I trust her completely. ”

What people are saying

Sliding Scale Payment 

Sun $25 

Moon $35 

Stars $40 

- Ashley 

Last night was beyond magical! I set up a sacred space and let the magic take me where I needed to go. So much to be released, JUST WOW. Truly a beautiful & special session with you ladies 

more gratitude