"Y'all, my entire life has just shifted in an hour. Everything I thought I knew or thought I knew has totally shifted in the hour we sat in session together."

My entire life just shifted in an hour

"I didn't know what to expect when I made my Astrogeography appointment with Alyssa- this was a first for me! I was admittedly a little nervous, but Alyssa made me feel comfortable. She is so passionate and caring, I could feel her calm energy through the computer. We started the session with a small guided meditation and dove into the specifics directly after. Alyssa was prepared and didn't waste any time. She had so much information to get through but she broke it down in a way that helped me digest it quickly as she went along. She answered all my questions on the spot and didn't rush me. This session validated a lot feelings on past and present experiences I've had as I've moved and traveled the world. It was eye opening, insightful, and FUN! It's like Alyssa handed me some missing puzzle pieces! 10/10 would recommend this session to anyone who is looking to learn something new and have a good time... which is all of us, right?"

IT was eye opening, insightful, and fun!

"My reading with Alyssa was nothing short of magical! She is so knowledgeable and I feel like I have the exact clarity I need for my future / current endeavors. She also laid out where I will thrive most in life depending on my goals. She was willing to dive deeper into places in my chart that I felt called to, and gave me reasons as to why I might be called to them. It was so nice to see which places to visualize depending on which emotions or energy I wanted to channel (especially at this time.)
I LOVEDD having this reading to get to know myself better!
Thank you thank you beautiful human!"

I have the clarity I need

" I've looked at my chart in the past but always felt overwhelmed and never quite sure where to start or how to read it. Alyssa's reading was eye opening! It was such a great introduction to astrogeography and learning  experience for me - about myself. I left feeling inspired and excited! I can't wait to dive in and learn more about myself and what the future might hold for me on this beautiful planet! 
Thank you Alyssa!!"

I left feeling inspired and excited! 

"I have no idea what I'm looking at but, SHE BREAKS IT DOWN FOR YOU!"

"I manifested like crazy"